A bit of a distraction doodle that I’ve been wanting to draw since seeing the recent Smash Bros. Nintendo Direct stream. I’m glad that Zero Suit Samus is a separate character now, but like a majority of the internet, I do find her heels to be an odd choice. Also, I think I like the Zero Mission version a bit more than the Other M one. ( in addition to being associated with Other M haha )

Anyway, it turns out I love the idea of Samus wearing shoes. It’s silly to have the need justify her being on equal footing with the others. That reason makes absolutely no sense in something like Smash Bros. lol. 

Therefore, here are some sneakers ;3; I feel like that’d fit her better than cyber high heels. The fabulous AND deadly approach fits more with someone like Bayonetta than it would with Samus. To me, sneakers are more of a sporty sexy + more naked than naked appeal. Drew the other shoes for the hell of it.

But still, both versions of Samus in Smash yay! ( Midna not as a playable character boooo XD; )





cis ppl can have horns and swirls and spikes n shit surgically implanted under their skin any time they want if theyre rich enough but a trans woman wants boobs she has to wait at least 1-2 years for doctors to be convinced that she REALLY wants them

because shit like hrt can…

tell that to over 70% trans people who have to lie to their doctors in order to get the treatment they desperately need

tell that to all the trans people whose treatment has been pushed back and delayed because they didnt fit the narrow definition of transness cis doctors prescribed

tell that to all the trans people who feel unsafe around their doctors, to the trans people on a three year waiting list, to the trans people who are treated like freaks by the very people who are supposed to be caring for them

go on. tell it to the people who are forced to jump through the hoops of a largely degrading and humiliating system because cis doctors simply do not want to believe them. tell them that gatekeeping doesnt exist.

wanna give some sources to those things because if you get professionally diagnosed with physical dysphoria you shouldn’t (in theory) have an issue with getting treatment. a diagnosis with physical dysphoria related to sex/secondary sex-related problems (ie hair growth, body tone, etc) is the only “gate keeping” i’ve seen. they’re not going to give you life-changing drugs just because you want them. where is that “70% of trans people have to lie” coming from????

also waiting lists exist because there is actually a testosterone shortage available (just google “testosterone shortage” and you’ll get a number of articles), so of course there is going to be some difficulties in procuring it if that’s what you’re looking for. hrt drugs are not as abundant as a lot of people may think and the ingredients required for them can’t be easily replaced like other medications.

there’s also the fact that there is not an abundance of surgeons that do SRS, so when you do find one, no shit there is going to be a waiting list. just like there is a waiting list for getting a new kidney, so is a waiting list for a doctor that is trained in SRS. they also need to be involved in your after-care as well and that takes time out of their schedule too.

and yes, i’m not going to deny that there are some shitty transphobic doctors. of course there are. i’m not talking about them though. if you’re trans you should seek out a doctor that is known to be trans-friendly and have experience working with trans people. that’s kind of a given?? like i wouldn’t go to a cardiologist and tell them i’m having skin issues and expect them to know what to do with me. same thing here. a transphobic doctor is going to deny your trans-ness no matter how much proof you have (thus why a trans person would “feel unsafe” around them). trans-friendly doctors are generally only looking for a professional diagnosis from someone like a therapist, counselor, etc. to confirm that you need HRT or SRS (and if you didn’t have dysphoria then why would you want those treatments??)

Warlords of Draenor Main Theme

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World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor 
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[tusks and spikes intensifies]


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Where you steppin’, Tomato.

The Nightmare Knight’s comin’ for that ass.


To celebrate the 2 year anniversary of Skullgirls’ existence in the public realm, here are the various stages of transformation that Filia went through. 

Originally, she was a growth out of what would become Samson, but eventually flipped around. She also became more streamlined and simpler, with fewer default tendrils and other adjustments.

The sprites and style went through a handful of changes before we ended up on the final hand-drawn look you see in the game now.

Pixels are pretty fun, I should dabble in it again some time. I feel like I’ve learned a lot since the earlier stuff, and it’d be neat to try again. @3@;


lookin at the booty like

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